Educators plan the curriculum reflecting the needs,  interests and abilities of the individuals in the group.  The needs of the group as a whole are also important when planning the program.

This preschool is committed to the Early Years Learning Framework. This is the basis of our programs/curriculum. The E.Y.L.F is centred on three key words;

*Belonging, * Being and  *Becoming.

The Five key outcomes are:

  • Children have a strong sense of Identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators.

The most important aspect of the framework is that we work towards the best possible outcome for each child regardless of race, gender, religion and abilities. Parents and Carers should always be involved in these decisions when working towards outcomes and should work in partnership with educators.  Parents will be informed about their child through informal chats, formal interviews, daily diaries for each group and staff being available to parents as required. 

*Families can become involved through various activities – fruit duty, excursions, library duty, mothers and fathers day celebrations, family bbqs, and sharing talents and skills to name a few. Parents are always welcome at our centre. We require your feedback about your child throughout the year in order to make our goals/outcomes set meaningful.

Preschool Management

The Preschool is managed by a group of voluntary parents who form the Committee of Management and operate under the guidelines and regulations set out by the Department of Education and Communities (NSW).

The Committee of Managements role is to govern the organisation for the following twelve months.  The Committee is elected by members of the organisation at the Annual General Meeting in November each year. The Committee is responsible for budgeting and expenditure (which includes setting the fees), employing staff, abiding by, setting and reviewing the current Policy Manual, ensuring parents abide by the set policies, providing materials and equipment and maintaining the premises.

All parents are welcome, encouraged and urged to attend meetings that are held monthly. [See ‘How can you help?” for committee election information].

It should be noted that everything that the Committee of Management does at the Preschool, with respect to the management and deliverance of the educational program must ultimately provide the greatest possible benefits for our children.

Committee of Management

The Committee is elected every year at the  Annual General Meeting in February

Any parent can hold positions on the committee (unless employed by the preschool) and are welcome to attend any meetings through out the year. With out a Committee of Management elected the Preschool cannot remain open. Continued support from parents and guardians is needed to ensure the Centre can function efficiently and successfully every year for another 47 years to come.


2024 Committee Of Management


PRESIDENT: Alison Wright


TREASURER: Steve Palling

SECRETARY: Chrissy Hislop


Nikki Palmer

Laura Herrick

Stephanie Sage

Rachel Kelly

Blair Stonehouse

Jordan Florance