What to Bring?


Please remember that as the seasons change so do the needs of the children.   Please provide a warm coat (beanie) for the winter months as we will continue to play outside and always dress the children in appropriate clothing and shoes.

No thongs and slip on shoes as these are dangerous for climbing.

Additionally please remember your child(ren) will be painting and getting “dirty”. If you do not wish the clothes to be soiled please dress the child in different comfortable clothing.

ALL BELONGINGS (hats, water bottles, spare clothes, lunch boxes)

A hat is to be brought to pre-school each day and left in their bags (From 1st September until 1st May. This can be longer or earlier depending on the UV index which is monitored everyday by Educators).  Only legionnaire or broad brim hats are considered acceptable.

Change of clothing to remain in the child’s bag

Use a small bag that can be opened and closed easily for the child’s belongings

A piece of fruit, raw vegetable, cheese, dried fruit to share at fruit time.

A water bottle with water to be placed on the water trolley for children to drink as required. [JUST WATER PLEASE –  NO JUICES OR SOFT DRINK, AS WE HAVE A HEALTHY EATING POLICY].

3 Year old group – Tadpoles

Young 4’s – Joeys & Puggles

Prior to School groups – Kangaroos, Frogs & Platypus

LUNCH that is simple and nutritious. Please do not include any chocolates, lollies, chips, or soft drinks/juice/flavoured milk, as this is against our Healthy Eating Policy. Please ensure that foods, in line with the Preschools policies, do not contain traces of any nuts (as these can be fatal for some children attending our Centre (or shellfish as we have an eduator who has an allergy).

[Please read under “Health and Safety – nut free environment” for more details]. Our staff are only to glad to help with suggestions for your child’s lunch box.

A pillow that is taken home each day. (term four no pillow is needed)

Nut Free Zone

This centre is a 100% nut free zone (In the terms that we do not want nuts or any kind of nuts bought into the centre for children to consume). Many children are developing or have a diagnosis of anaphylactic reactions to all types or nuts. It is the Preschools policy to eliminate any danger of this from all children. To do this we have set strict nut free , morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea this includes all foods that have nuts in them or on them.

Obvious examples are peanut butter, trail mix, cashews and nutella

Examples or great alternatives :
 Dried fruit, fresh dips and crackers or vegetable sticks, sandwiches with any ham/cheese/salad – jam- honey –vegemite, most yogurts. Tinned fruit or fresh, milk (not flavoured), tinned fish, homemade products, left-overs such as pasta, nachos, soups. The list is endless; however we appreciate that it can be difficult for some, so do not hesitate to ask staff for ideas and suggestions or to check some of the items in your child’s lunch box.

Nude Food

We would like to introduce this to encourage the children to make informed decisions about their food and its effect on their bodies and the environment.  We want to teach the children about how packing nude food is better for a healthy body and healthy planet.

What does this mean? Packing food and containers that can be washed as an alternative to wrappers, glad wrap and packaging.